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April snowstorm

I’m probably one of the last people in Minnesota who is still happy to see snow. And snow it did yesterday – perhaps 8″ in our area.

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken my camera out for a spin, so I stopped by Tamarack Nature Center in the blustery aftermath to see what Nature had to say.

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Tamarack swamp

This afternoon I was out driving around taking still photos for my video on the White Bear Lake water levels. En route to a water tower, I passed a location I’ve always intended to photograph, but never had. Seeing this eerie, swampy area from a new perspective, in the strong December sun, I just had to stop and take notice!

Tamarack swamp trees


Value study

When I was up in Grand Marais last weekend, I took a class in Outdoor Painting at the Grand Marais Art Colony taught by the landscape painter Neil Sherman. Neil taught us his variation of the Prismatic Palette and some formal, basics of developing paintings by blocking in dark values. I struggled mightily to overcome my fear of using black paint after years of being taught that it’s a no-no, and produced several clumsy attempts to emulate Neil’s process.

When I got home yesterday, I went over to Tamarack Nature Center down the street to practice. Given some time to sink into the process outside of class, I was feeling a lot more comfortable with a wider range of values by the end of the day.

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