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It’s all about the light

Last weekend my husband Mike and I were down in central Wisconsin. We drove back in the sweltering heat along Wisconsin’s very scenic Hwy. 35 which follows the Mississippi River and meanders through swampy lowlands, across backcountry farms, and past magnificent vistas of the river basin and surrounding hills.

Around Alma we encountered a thunderstorm that rained down big splattering raindrops. When we were on the other side of it I was excited to find my favorite light conditions – a dark storm blanketing the sky, with some sun breaking through to illuminate everything before it. I love the magical effects these conditions bring. In this case the sun was softly filtered – perfect for a portrait. I asked Mike to pull over at a scenic overlook and he graciously allowed me to take his picture. This photo was taken with an automatic Sony Cyber-shot – no bells and whistles – the light does it all!


Sunday portrait

This afternoon I was settling down to paint, thinking I’d do another landscape. But on last week’s New York Times spread out under my paints, there was a photo of the actor Javier Bardem that kept drawing my attention. Last night at a dinner party I’d seen a fascinating little self-portrait by an artist who became one of the first animators for Disney. Inspired, I decided to do a portrait, using Javier’s image as a starting point.


Easter portrait

Family gatherings are a great time to get some practice photographing people – especially if your family is as kind and obliging as mine is. Last weekend I brought along my camera to our Easter get-together. Using my new portrait lense, I snapped this shot of my sister-in-law Lisa in the kitchen.

In editing the shot, I took the opportunity to try applying what I’d learned from a recent tutorial created by Alec Johnson on using LAB color in Photoshop. Working with Lisa’s lovely expression, I was very pleased with the relative ease and effectiveness of this technique!

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