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With the Greatest of Ease

Recently I had the pleasure of completing a rather unusual project. Last fall, as part of a personal Breakthrough Workshop offered by Rosemary Senjem of Intuitive Plan, a small group of women undertook for the first time, the daring feat of leaping off a platform as high as a two story building, and swinging from a fully rigged trapeze. Rosemary had invited me to come and photograph the event, and witnessing everyone’s vulnerability, bravery, joy and grace, I felt honored to be there. Two of these intrepid workshoppers, and friends of mine, Judy Meath and Xandra Coe, commissioned me to create a book of images documenting their flights.

Working on the project from a technical standpoint – with exposure, focus and compositional issues (including ropes and wires all over the place) – was quite a challenge. But those challenges, and the fact that the 60 images I ended up working with were so compelling, really pushed me to get creative with the possibilities of each shot. Here is a sampling of some of the images.

My sincere thanks to Xandra, Judy and Rosemary for giving me this opportunity to capture their unique and inspiring experiences.

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