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This is my first post, and I find it appropriate that the first thing I’d like to share was actually inspired by another artist.

Last weekend I was at a retreat at St. Paul’s Benedictine Center where paintings by the artist Margaret Carroll were on display. I found them incredibly vibrant and exciting – certainly one of the most significant gifts to me that day, among many!

Taking my cue from Margaret, the next day I was inspired to try painting with a broader, freer palette than I’m used to. When I started I felt like I was going nowhere fast, but as I continued to work, I could see things coming together, and ultimately felt very energized by the result.

The scene is based on a sketch I did recently at Como Park Conservatory where I draw regularly with other art-loving friends.

Later I called Margaret who generously shared more of her experience and advice with me. I think the lesson for me is, the more we share, the more art there ends up being in the world. Hence this blog, and maybe someday a website too!

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