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Tiny Avebury

I’ve always loved miniatures, and learned this week about the Photoshop tilt-shift technique that can create this effect. Wanting to try it out, I browsed through some travel photos and selected this image I took a couple years ago in Avebury, UK, which already suggested to me a small world unto itself.

The megalithic stone in the shot seemed so at home in this domestic scene, with all due respect I couldn’t resist playing with it a little further.. 😉


Cascade shoreline

I know, I know.. I promised England and Iceland. But in keeping with my policy of ‘last in, first out’ (LIFO in accounting parlance), I want to share some of my favorite images from a trip I took last week to the North Shore of Lake Superior, up near Cascade State Park. I didn’t have much time for shooting, but the warm temperatures at dawn drew me out for some early morning wonderment.

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