Prayers for Healing

Well, I’m finally to the point where I can show you this – the video I’ve been working on in some shape or form over the last couple years! I’ll let the video speak for itself, and welcome your comments. In this post, however, I’d just like to say a few words about the process of producing a video like this.

This isn’t my first experience producing. In particular, in 1998 I served as Executive Producer of the public television program Town Meeting: A Community Response to Sexual Violence when I was working at the Minnesota Department of Health. In many ways this current project reflects my own evolution from that experience on a personal and professional level.

Since ‘Town Meeting,” which dealt with the effects of sexual violence and the need for prevention at the community level, I have continued to learn a lot about the things that lead to pain and harm in our society. I’ve also learned from other people, from research, and from my own experience about things that are especially important in helping us stay healthy and weather life’s challenges.

Part of what I’ve come to believe is that violence, abuse and despair cannot be prevented or overcome without healing.  Feeling connected, cared for and at peace can happen in many places and many ways. The Healing Ministry that’s described in this video is one avenue I’ve found that offers access to these things in a thoughtful and powerful way.

As a member of the Healing Team, I worked with the group off and on over the course of about a year  to examine the ways we understood and might communicate about this kind of ministry. We talked about our own experiences, the effects, concerns and fears we’d observed, and language that seemed to best capture something that ultimately transcends words. I also had conversations and meetings with the church leadership, to understand their views and seek their approval for the project.

When it came time to start filming, I started asking people who came for prayers about their experience. The people you see in the film were the only ones I interviewed – mainly because I found what each of them said, and said so eloquently, was all that was needed. I confess I feel that throughout this process there was a certain grace at work, consistent with the ministry itself.  Filming and editing took place over about 6 months total, with the final product completed this past summer. Once the video itself was done, there were legal/procedural issues that took additional time and energy, and which, while trying, offered still more lessons about production and opportunities to experience the Spirit at work.

For the Town Meeting, I had a producer, director/editor, crew, television studio, and contracting organization to work with.  For this project, I was flying solo – producing, filming, lighting, sound, interviewing, editing.. the whole deal.  While it’s been a long process, it’s also been very gratifying to use and develop my skills through this project, to build on what I’ve learned and experienced, and to share that with you!


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