Nothing stays the same.. but

When there’s good sky, you need to have places to run to and shoot from. For me, one of those places is some county open space accessed via an off leash dog park near my house.

Here’s a shot I took last June, during one of those dramatic evenings.

Almost exactly a year later I returned, eager to capture what was developing above me. I scuttled down my familiar dirt path toward the same vantage point, and found a chest-high fence had been erected to keep me (and the dogs) from exiting the woods. I followed the newly wood-chipped path toward another favorite spot. And the fence went there too. In fact, the fence had closed off access to practically all the natural views of the lake, islands and wetlands that I’ve enjoyed for so many years.

It was so disappointing. Meanwhile, I could see little glints of the setting sun through the trees, and little glowing slivers of the lake. Capturing landscape from within the park was impossible. Some dogs ran up to greet me, bringing their more positive perspective. To honor their enthusiasm, I feebly tried shooting a little bit longer, then headed to my car.  As I walked I could see the sun casting some striking crimson against the clouds, so I headed to the boat launch – the only place from which I could view the lake. I took a bunch of shots, but my take-away from the evening was not of the sunset but of the fence.

The lesson I’ve been telling myself from this experience was that nothing stays the same. There is no method or formula. You can’t take anything for granted. Sadness and loss and fences are part of life..

When I went to pull out the picture of the fence for this post, I saw my shots of the sunset from the boat launch, and was reminded of what a beautiful sight I’d actually seen.


1 Response to “Nothing stays the same.. but”

  1. July 19, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    “Sadness and loss and fences are part of life”: I like that.

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